Our dog museum is a "FREE Admission" experience.

Featured on "An American Moment" with James Earl Jones, the museum is based on one of the largest and most varied collections of dog items in the world. It is definitely the World's largest public exhibition of dog items with over 7000 items on display. The Museum consists of over 100 categories ranging from bronzes, advertising, cast iron, toys, and fine art to the anecdotal.

The museum was started by Barbara and David Hays, who have collected dog items from many parts of the world since 1967. The collection consists of dogs collected by the Hays' and by Julia Speegle Hall (the aunt of Ron Howard, actor-director). Ms. Hall collected from the 1920's to the 1950's, and her collection was acquired by the Hays'.

The range of dogs is wide (from tiny depression era celluloid toys to Meissen and fine oil paintings). Some of the more unusual dog items in the museum include a 1700's rifle with dog head stock, an aluminum figural Scottie heater, a cast iron dog head hitching post, 1800's automaton bulldog, a rare tin windup racing Greyhound toy, and a Victorian taxidermy bulldog, plus many more rare and unusual items. We hope you can stop by for a visit and a unique shopping experience in the Antique Mall.

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For your convenience, we are open 10 am - 6 pm everyday except Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving!

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